Series » Oriental Studies » Orientalisches Münzkabinett Jena
Edited by Stefan Heidemann and Norbert Nebes

The Oriental Coin Cabinet at the University of Jena constitutes the second largest systematic collection of its kind, containing almost 21,000 coins from the Middle East, South and East Asia. Islamic coins with their wealth of texts are in many respects comparable to archival documents. The sylloge is a numismatic edition of these sources for the purposes of the political history, culture, and economics of a selected region of the Middle East or other parts of Asia. Every coin is described in chronological order with respect to its design, inscriptions, and technical data. An illustration of each coin complements the description. A scholarly introduction documents the numismatic and monetary history of these regions.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Heidemann
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Beitr. v. Heidemann, Stefan / Rispling, Gert. Bearb. v. Mayer, Tobias
Paperback, XXII, 243 Seiten, 1470 Abbildungen - 29,7 × 21 cm
ISBN: 978-3-447-04893-4
    78,00 Eur 
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