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Founded by Ludwig Hagemann and Adel Theodor Khoury. Edited by Reinhold F. Glei

The Corpus Islamo-Christianum (established by Ludwig Hagemann and Adel Theodor Khoury in 1985) is a long-term project which aims at editing important source texts relevant to the intellectual debate between Christianity and Islam and at making them available to the scientific community. The concept of the series is to trace the level of theoretical understanding Christians and Muslims developed for each other’s religions and to describe the extent to which they pursued polemic, apologetic or harmonizing aims. It is a particular concern to place modern-day attempts to achieve understanding between Christians and Muslims in their historical context, thereby providing the current discussion with the indispensable reconnection to its intellectual tradition.

The Corpus Islamo-Christianum essentially comprises the entire source literature: theological disputes and controversies, polemic and apologetic works of Christian and Islamic origin, treatises written by missionaries in the Orient, accounts written by pilgrims or crusaders, etc. The analyzed texts are presented bilingually in different sections (Series Graeca, Latina, Arabica, etc.): generally, the original text is provided in a critical edition with a German or English translation. Additionally, comments of varying length and introductions are included.


Professor Reinhold F. Glei
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Segovia, Johannes von
Edition und deutsche Übersetzung mit Einleitung und Erläuterungen von Ulli Roth
Gebunden, CXIV, 945 Seiten
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