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Edited by Oskar von Hinüber with Heidrun Brückner, Harry Falk, Hans Harder and Walter Slaje

The statutes of the Helmuth von Glasenapp-Stiftung prescribe that the foundation supports Indological research conducted, presented or published in German. Consequently, the major part of the publications is devoted to Collected Papers (Kleine Schriften) of Indologists who wrote their articles and treatises mostly in German. Each collection is introduced by a foreword containing a brief or a detailed description of the life and the academic work of the respective author. Although usually only a selection of articles is reprinted, a comprehensive bibliography allows a quick survey of the complete works. The content of each individual volume is made accessible by a number of indices.

Besides collected papers, also monographs in German on various Indological topics are published with preference given to studies resulting from projects supported by the foundation. A separate series is devoted exclusively to these monographs.


Helmut von Glasenapp-Stiftung
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Dimitrov, Dragomir
Teil 1 Einleitung, Überlieferung, Textausgabe, Übersetzung. Teil 2 Kommentare, philologische Bemerkungen, Faksimiles, Anhänge, Konkordanzen und Indizes
[Band 02]
Gebunden, XII, 923 Seiten - 24 × 17 cm
ISBN: 978-3-447-06495-8
    178,00 Eur 
Straube, Martin
Texte und Quellen der Parallelen zu Haribhattas Jatakamala
[Band 01]
Gebunden, IX, 398 Seiten - 24 × 17 cm
ISBN: 978-3-447-06092-9
    58,00 Eur 
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