Scriptures, Schools and Forms of Practice in Daoism
A Berlin Symposium
Hrsg. v. Andersen, Poul / Reiter, Florian C
series: Asien- und Afrikastudien der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
volume: 20
pages/dimensions: XIII, 263 Seiten, 11 Abbildungen - 24 × 17 cm
language: english
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publishing date: 1. Auflage 05.2005
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ISBN: 978-3-447-05171-2
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Table of contents
I. Daoist Scripture and Practice in Comparative Perspective
A. Feldtkeller, Scriptures, Forms of Practice, and Comparative Religion
P. Andersen, Scriptural Traditions West and East: Foundation of Belief vs. Frameworks for the Transmission of Methods
S.R. Bokenkamp, Sackcloth and Ashes: Self and Family in the Tutan zhai
J. Lagerwey, Scriptures are the Dregs of the Men of Old: Scripture and Practice in Comparative Perspective
E.L. Davis, Daoist Scripture in Comparative Perspective: A Commentary on J. Lagerwey and P. Andersen
II. Daoist Scripture and Practice Past and Present
F.C. Reiter, The Name of the Nameless and Thunder Magic
P. Nickerson, Attacking the Fortress: Prolegomenon to the Study of Ritual Efficacy in Vernacular Daoism
L. Yi, Research into the Catalogue of the Daozang of the Early Tang Dynasty: Based on Nanzhu guan ji and the Daoist Scriptures of Dunhuang
W. Zongyu, Historical Materials for the Quanzhen Daoism in the Wuxing Area
V. Olles, Stars and Legends: Some Observations about Sacred Space in Daoism