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Image 1 (left): Koúrion: Apollon-Hylates sanctuary. © Barbara Krauß.
Image 2 (middle): "Ancient Egypt hieroglyphs." © mikolajn (stock.adobe.com).
Image 4 (right): Persepolis. © Robert Gietz.

Image 1 (left): "A woman dressed in the traditional geisha style, wearing a kimono and obi, with an elaborate hairstyle and floral hair clips, with white face makeup with bright red lips and dark eyes seated holding an umbrella." © Mint Images (stock.adobe.com).
Image 2 (middle): "Nomades au coeur de le steppe, Mongolie." © Ariane Citron (stock.adobe.com).
Image 3 (right): Indian woman. © Wong Sze Fei (stock.adobe.com).

Image 1 (left): University and Regional Library Düsseldorf, urn:nbn:de:hbz:061:1-177655. The manuscript is a loan to the museum by the City of Düsseldorf.
Image 2 (middle): Historical Library. Francke Foundations, Halle. © Ingo Gottlieb.
Image 3 (right): Ornamental strip, Baldus de Baldis, Rome, last third of 15th century. Archive Library of the City of Stralsund, HS 960.

Image 1 (left): "Warsaw city center with Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN), a landmark and symbol of Stalinism and communism, and modern sky scrapers." © kilhan (stock.adobe.com).
Image 2 (middle): "Russian folk musical group - young woman in national costumes plays musical instruments." © Barselona Dreams (stock.adobe.com).
Image 3 (right): "St. Basil's Cathedral in the morning, Moscow, Russia" © Elena Ermakova (stock.adobe.com).