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Mourning for Prof. Dr. Giovanni Stary
On October 19, 2022, in Mestre Venezia, at the age of 76, our long-time author and editor Giovanni Stary passed away. His sudden death leaves a painful gap. As a scholar of Central Asia, Giovanni Stary enjoyed an outstanding reputation worldwide, especially in the field of Manchu Studies. Hartmut Walravens wrote about this in a recently published volume of selected articles by Stary:

“Stary covered many fields, especially literature, shamanism, history. He convinced scholars that Manchu was not just a dead language but had merits of its own and deserved to be recognized as an independent discipline. Besides focusing on the early history of the Manchus and Manchu indigenous literature, he discovered the literature of the Sibe, Manchus in Xinjiang’s Ili region, which are officially regarded as a separate minority in China. (…) Stary [was] a scholar of many talents – his academic background [was] in Russian and Chinese, and during several extended research and study periods in Germany he deepened his knowledge of Mongolian philology at Bonn University and of Manchu through private lessons with Walter Fuchs (1902–1979), the eminent Manchu specialist, in nearby Cologne. Adding to this, Stary [was] a native of Meran and thus grew up with German and Italian, and he had more to offer than many of his colleagues. His research projects and his publications made him known in the academic world, and his personal charm persuaded purse-string holders to support his studies and activities.” (Giovanni Stary, Selected Manchu Studies. Contributions to History, Literature, and Shamanism of the Manchus, edited by Hartmut Walravens, Berlin 2020).

HARRASSOWITZ published many of his studies and dictionaries as well as the book series Aetas Manjurica, which he had founded and edited. With expertise and dedication, Giovanni Stary, however, has rendered outstanding services to both academia and HARRASSOWITZ for 25 years, in editing the renowned Central Asiatic Journal (from volume 30, 1986, to volume 55, 2011). We are deeply indebted to him for this. With Giovanni Stary we have lost an important scholar, author and editor, an exceptionally kind person and friend. HARRASSOWITZ will keep him in honorable memory.

Philippika Prize
Since 2011 the award is presented annually to the author of an outstanding dissertation in the field of Classical Studies.

Laureates since 2011:

2021: Carina Kühne-Wespi, Ägyptische Ächtungsrituale im Wandel der Zeit

2020: Angelika Kellner, Die Chronologie der griechischen Archaik. Schriftliche und archäologische Quellen im Wechselspiel
Book description and ordering information

2019: Matthias Lange, Feuer und Stein. Gräber und Totenmonumente im eisenzeitlichen Nordsyrien und Südostanatolien in ihren regionalen Kontexten
Book description and ordering information

2018: Uroš Matić, Body and Frames of War in New Kingdom Egypt
Press release University of Trier
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2017: Jutta Günther, Musik als Argument spätantiker Kirchenväter. Musik als Argument spätantiker Kirchenväter
Book description and ordering information

2016: Natalia Toma, Marmor – Maße – Monumente
Book description and ordering information

2015: Svenja Nagel, Die Ausbreitung des Isiskultes im Römischen Reich: Tradition und Transformation auf dem Weg von Ägypten nach Rom
Press release University of Heidelberg
Book description and ordering information.

2014: Lajos Berkes, Dorfverwaltung und Dorfgemeinschaft in Ägypten von Diokletian zu den Abbasiden
Book description and ordering information.

2013: Alexandra Eppinger, Hercules in der Spätantike. Die Rolle des Heros im Spannungsfeld von Heidentum und Christentum
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2012: Brit Kärger, Leben in der amurritischen Welt. Nomaden und Sesshafte im Reich von Mari im 19. und 18. Jahrhundert vor Christus
Book description and ordering information.

2011: Michaela Rücker, "Pharmakeía und crimen magiae". Frauen und Magie in der griechisch-römischen Antike
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