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We are there for you - even in times of crisis

The corona pandemic challenges all of us in many ways. We at HARRASSOWITZ follow a detailed and strict contingency plan, which allows us to continue to be there for our authors and customers while responsibly minimizing the risk of mutual infection.

Most of your usual contact persons work in their individual offices at the publishing house or can be reached in the home office. Despite physical distance, communication among each other and "outside" works perfectly. Our production continues uninterrupted, and we look forward to your new projects! Our printers and our distributor are also still active.

You can place orders as usual in our online shop. Our sales department will also be pleased to receive your requests directly: verlag@harrassowitz.de

By the way: many of our titles are also available as e-books. Use this alternative if you cannot be reached by post!

Let's hope that we will soon be able to get through this difficult time unscathed. Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

100th anniversary of the death of Max Weber
Even 100 years after his death, the works of the eminent sociologist and national economist Max Weber are still highly relevant.

In our series "Kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien / Studies in Cultural and Social Sciences" numerous volumes deal with Max Weber and his research.

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The Asyut Project - Article in the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung
The Süddeutsche Zeitung presents the Assiut excavation project. A place that "is as important for Egypt's cultural memory as Thebes or Memphis".
The results of this research (conducted by scholars from Freie Universität Berlin, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, and Sohag University, Egypt) have been published in the series The Asyut Project since 2007.

Article "Der Berg der Schätze", Süddeutschen Zeitung (in German only)

Further information on the book series The Asyut Project and ordering options

Book Review of Moritz Gräper's Dissertation "The Bible and Apartheid"
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung February 25, 2020
For the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Moritz Gräper's book is an informative contribution to the History of Christianity in South Africa.

Link Book Review of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (in German)

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Philippika Prize
Since 2011 the award is presented annually to the author of an outstanding dissertation in the field of Classical Studies.

Laureates since 2011:

2018: Uroš Matić, Body and Frames of War in New Kingdom Egypt
Press release University of Trier
Book description and ordering information

2017: Jutta Günther, Musik als Argument spätantiker Kirchenväter. Musik als Argument spätantiker Kirchenväter
Book description and ordering information

2016: Natalia Toma, Marmor – Maße – Monumente
Book description and ordering information

2015: Svenja Nagel, Die Ausbreitung des Isiskultes im Römischen Reich: Tradition und Transformation auf dem Weg von Ägypten nach Rom
Press release University of Heidelberg
Book description and ordering information.

2014: Lajos Berkes, Dorfverwaltung und Dorfgemeinschaft in Ägypten von Diokletian zu den Abbasiden
Book description and ordering information.

2013: Alexandra Eppinger, Hercules in der Spätantike. Die Rolle des Heros im Spannungsfeld von Heidentum und Christentum
Book description and ordering information.

2012: Brit Kärger, Leben in der amurritischen Welt. Nomaden und Sesshafte im Reich von Mari im 19. und 18. Jahrhundert vor Christus
Book description and ordering information.

2011: Michaela Rücker, "Pharmakeía und crimen magiae". Frauen und Magie in der griechisch-römischen Antike
Book description and ordering information.