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Archivum Ottomanicum 40 (2023)
editor(s): Kellner-Heinkele, Barbara / Fodor, Pál
pages/dimensions: 276 pages, 27 ill., 1 table
language: English, Turkish
binding: Book (Paperback)
dimensions: 16.00 × 24.00 cm
weight: 495g
publishing date: 19.12.2023
prices: 118,00 Eur[D] / 121,40 Eur[A]
ISBN: 978-3-447-18244-7
118,00 Eur

Archivum Ottomanicum concerns itself primarily with Ottoman history and Ottoman philology. However, the editors also welcome articles on subjects related to Ottoman studies in the history and culture of Europe, including Danubian Europe, the Black Sea area and the Caucasus, and in the history and culture of the Arab and the Iranian lands as well as Byzantium. The publication of historical documents and records and their interpretation are of special interest.

From the contents (altogether 18 contributions):
Pál Fodor, A Peculiar Ottoman Institution: Feragat (Renunciation)
Abdulhadi Uysal, “Tımışvar” İsmi Üzerine Bazı Notlar
Denise Klein, Living in a City of Migrants: The Risale-i Garibe on Difference and Belonging in Early Modern Istanbul
Hüseyin Onur Ercan & Nihal Metin, Avusturyalı Mukim Elçi Heinrich von Penkler’e Veda Ziyareti Münasebetiyle Sultan III. Osman Tarafından Verilen Nâme-i Hümâyun (1755)
Marianthi F. Palazi, Loyalties and Education: The Medical and Other Studies of Sarantis Archigenes/ Arşizen at the Time of Early Ottoman Modernization (1809–1842)
Anssi Halmesvirta, From Turanians to Finno-Ugrians: A Transformation of Identity
Emmanuel Szurek, Refugium Peccatorum? The Avatars of French-speaking Turanism (Second Half of the Nineteenth Century)