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48,00 Eur
Kapp, Dieter B. 
Band III

38,00 Eur

34,00 Eur
Revisiting the work of Renward Brandstetter (1860–1942)on Lucerne and Austronesia
42,00 Eur
Graf, Arndt 
Political Rhetoric in Post-Suharto Indonesia

58,00 Eur
Linguistic and Cultural Studies in Honour of Bernd Nothhofer

98,00 Eur
Mahdi, Waruno 
Lexical Souvenirs from an Exotic Archipelago in German Publications before 1700

78,00 Eur
Adelaar, K Alexander 
Sketch Grammar, Text and Lexicon of a Kanayatn Dialect in West Borneo

34,00 Eur
Jayawardena-Moser, Premalatha 
Mit grammatischer Übersicht

48,00 Eur
Matzel, Klaus / Jayawardena-Moser, Premalatha 

39,00 Eur
Jayawardena-Moser, Premalatha