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56,00 Eur
Meckelburg, Alexander / Dege-Müller, Sophia / Bustorf, Dirk (Eds.) 

59,00 Eur
International Journal of Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies
78,00 Eur
Braukämper, Ulrich 
Translated from German by Geraldine Krause
78,00 Eur
Bustorf, Dirk 
Geschichte und Erinnerung der muslimischen Silt'e Äthiopiens With an English Summary

38,00 Eur
Lore Trenkler: Erinnerungen 1960-1975

78,00 Eur
Uhlig, Siegbert 

78,00 Eur
Uhlig, Siegbert 

52,00 Eur
Studien zu Sprachen, Kulturen und zur Geschichte

78,00 Eur
Uhlig, Siegbert 
D - Ha

108,00 Eur
Akten der Ersten Internationalen Littmann Konferenz 2. bis 5. Mai 2002 in München

78,00 Eur
In Honour of Siegbert Uhlig on Occasion of his 65th Birthday

78,00 Eur

84,00 Eur
The despatches, memoranda, reports and correspondence describing and explaining the Stories of the Feudal Societies of the Red Sea Littoral from the Christian-Muslim Wars of the Sixteenth Century to the Establishment 1885-1901 of the Italian Colony of Eritrea

68,00 Eur
D'Avray, Anthony 
The History of a Red Sea Society from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Centuries