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Shachmon, Ori 
The Jewish Varieties of Yemeni Arabic
Edzard, Lutz / Tirosh-Becker, Ofra (Ed.) 
Text specimens, grammatical, lexical, and cultural sketches
Brose, Marc 
Die afroasiatische Suffixkonjugation in sprachvergleichender Perspektive
48,00 Eur
Guth, Stephan (Ed.) 
An anthology of canonical masterpieces of Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hebrew fiction (mid-19th to early 21st centuries). Compiled, edited and commented by Stephan Guth
29,80 Eur
Streck, Michael P. 
Vol. 2: D,T,Ṭ. With the collaboration of Janine Wende, Bert Kouwenberg, Nadezda Rudik, Johannes Hackl, Frank Simons and Elyze Zomer
Coleman, Stephen M. 
The Biblical Hebrew Transitivity Alternation
29,80 Eur
Streck, Michael P. 
Vol. 1: B, P with the collaboration of Nadezda Rudik
118,00 Eur
Kuty, Renaud / Seeger, Ulrich / Talay, Shabo (Ed.) 
Beiträge zur semitischen Dialektologie. Festschrift für Werner Arnold zum 60. Geburtstag
36,00 Eur
Zachmann-Czalomón, Isolde 
148,00 Eur
Wexler, Paul 
With special Attention to Judaized Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Persian, Portuguese, Slavic (Modern Hebrew/Yiddish), Spanish, and Karaite, and Semitic Hebrew/Ladino. A Collection of Reprinted Articles from Across Four Decades with a Reassessment
48,00 Eur
Edzard, Lutz / Retsö, Jan (Ed.) 
Oslo-Göteborg Cooperation 3rd-5th June 2004
48,00 Eur
Zachmann-Czalomón, Isolde 
34,00 Eur
Muraoka, Takamitsu 
An Annotated Chrestomathy with an Outline Grammar and a Glossary
99,00 Eur
Grötzinger, Karl E / Lipphardt, Veronika / Senkbeil, Sigrid / Berger, Ruth / Faber, Uli (Ed.) 
Teil I: Hebräisch mit deutscher Übersetzung. Teil II: Jiddisch mit deutscher Übersetzung