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Open Access
58,00 Eur
Cancik-Kirschbaum, Eva / Kahl, Jochem / Lee, Eun-Jung (Ed.) 
48,00 Eur
Hasegawa, Shuichi / Radner, Karen (Ed.) 
Case studies in Eastern and Western Peripheries
88,00 Eur
Rutishauser, Susanne 
Studien zur Kultur und Landschaftsgeschichte des Ebenen Kilikien
58,00 Eur
Römer, Cornelia E. (Ed.) 
Acts of the 7th International Fayoum Symposium. 29 October–3 November 2018 in Cairo and the Fayoum
128,00 Eur
Bietak, Manfred / Prell, Silvia (Ed.) 
ASOR Conference Boston 2017 - ICAANE Conference Munich 2018 – Collected Papers
128,00 Eur
Baumer, Christoph / Novák, Mirko (Ed.) 
Learnings and conclusions from new archaeological investigations and discoveries. Proceedings of the First International Congress on Central Asian Archaeology held at the University of Bern, 4–6 February 2016
98,00 Eur
Bietak, Manfred / Matthiae, Paolo / Prell, Silvia (Ed.) 
Proceedings of a workshop held at the 10th ICAANE in Vienna, 25–26 April 2016
35,00 Eur
Domenici, Davide / Marchetti, Nicolò (Ed.) 
Papers of a Cross-Cultural Seminar held in Honor of Robert McCormick Adams
48,00 Eur
Vogel, Christian 
Philosophische Grundlagen und didaktische Methoden eines spätantiken Wissenstransfers
98,00 Eur
Yule, Paul (Ed.) 
Band 29
Excavations of the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg 1998-2010 in the Highlands of Yemen