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Central Asiatic Journal 66 (2023) 1+2
International Periodical for the Languages, Literature, History and Archaeology of Central Asia
The Mongolian World
editor(s): Laamann, Lars Peter
volume: 66 (2023) 1+2
pages/dimensions: XIV, 228 pages, 14 ill., 9 tables, 2 diagrams
language: english, german, chinese
binding: Paperback
edition: semi-annual
publishing date: 30.01.2023
prices: 138,00 Eur[D]
ISBN: 978-3-447-18241-6
138,00 Eur

The Central Asiatic Journal is devoted to the linguistic, cultural, and historical heritage of Central Asia. Most contributions relate to the geographical remit of the Central Asian core region, i.e. Mongolia, Turkestan/Xinjiang, Tibet, Siberia, and Manchuria. By extension, however, this definition can include a secondary sphere extending into all of western Asia, the Himalayas, China’s Han-majority provinces and the Pacific fringe region (Korea, Japan, and eastern Siberia). Articles are published in English, German, French, Russian, and Chinese. The Central Asiatic Journal is fully peer-reviewed.

This volume focusing on Tangut culture and language is based on the 15 papers presented at a colloquium held at SOAS, University of London, in April 2013. The contributors belong to the world’s leading Tangut specialists, and volume 57 of the Central Asiatic Journal thus represents the state of the art in Tangut studies.

From the contents (altogether 19 contributions):
Orҫun Ünal, On the Etymology of Common Turkic elt- ‘to carry, to bring’
Erhan Aydin, A New Reading and Interpretation of the Turkic Runic Script Text on the Wooden Rod from Khotan
Enkhbayar Jigmeddorj, Textology Studies of the Mongolian Law Manuscripts on Birch Bark from the Khar Bukh Ruins
Hasanhan Taylan Erkipҫak, Toramana and the Date of Mihirakula’s Gwalior Inscription: A New Interpretation
Ishayahu Landa, Famines, State, and the Stability of Mongol Eurasia: Preliminary Remarks
Michael Knüppel, Aleksandr Vladimirovič Vovin (27.1.1961–8.4.2022) in memoriam