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Ethiopian Languages
Assefa, Endalew 
A Gurage Language of Ethiopia (Ethio-Semitic)
38,00 Eur
Haile, Getatchew (Ed.) 
Edited and translated by Getatchew Haile
Brose, Marc 
Die afroasiatische Suffixkonjugation in sprachvergleichender Perspektive
Meyer, Ronny / Edzard, Lutz (Ed.) 
48,00 Eur
Tecle, Zemicael 
Bearbeitet von Freweyni Habtemariam, Mussie Tesfagiyorgis,Tedros Hagos und Tesfay Tewolde Yohannes
98,00 Eur
Bausi, Alessandro (Ed.) 
Vol. 5, Y-Z, Nachträge A-X, Indices, Karten, Bildnachweise
450,00 Eur
Bausi, Alessandro / Uhlig, Siegbert (Ed.) 
5 Volumes
39,00 Eur
Leslau, Wolf / Kane, Thomas L (Ed.) 
114,00 Eur
184,00 Eur
Kane, Thomas L 
138,00 Eur
Leslau, Wolf 
Ge'ez-English /English-Ge'ez. With an index of the Semitic roots
84.00 €
29,80 Eur
Leslau, Wolf 
Amharic-English / English-Amharic