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Journal of Asian History 51 (2017) 1+2
volume: 51 (2017) 1+2
pages/dimensions: 24 × 17 cm
parts: 2
language: english
binding: Paperback
weight: 688g
edition: semi annual
publishing date: 18.12.2017
prices: 118,00 Eur[D]
ISBN: 978-3-447-09976-9
118,00 Eur

The geographical scope of the Journal of Asian History is as vast as Asia itself. Its historical scope encompasses all periods, yet with a focus on the time before 1900. It is the editors’ hope that contributors will freely develop the “Through the Looking-Glass” aspect of history by implementing a variety of methodological approaches and utilizing a wide range of textual and non-textual sources. In particular, they welcome explorations of particular phenomena or events that provide insight into the dynamics of historical processes, elucidate historical change at turning points of history, and illuminate the conditions of all things that follow them. The journal publishes contributions in English and German.

From the contents (altogether 8 contributions) 51,1:
Nuno Vila-Santa, Counter-Reformation Policies versus Geostrategic Politics in the “Estado da India”: The Case of Governor Francisco Barreto (1555–1558)
Huang Chao & Paul A. Van Dyke, Hoppo Tang Ying 唐英 (1750–1751) and the Development of the Guangdong Maritime Customs
Huang Fei, Between Hills and Valleys: Contesting the Bazi Landscape, Society and Environment in Southwestern China (1700–1900)
Chen Fei, Disassembling Empire: Revolutionary Chinese Students in Japan and Discourses on Provincial Independence and Local Self-Government

From the Contents 51,2:
Maddalena Barenghi, Ancestral Sites and Lineages of the Later Tang (923–936) and the Later Jin (936–947) Dynasties According to the Song Sources
Ma Guang 馬光, Tributary Ceremony and National Security: A Reassessment of Wokou Diplomacy between China and Japan during the Early Ming Dynasty
Eugene Y. Park, Dynastic Change and Politicide in Early Modern Korea: The Chosŏn Persecution of the Koryŏ Wang, 1392–1413
Cho Hung-guk 조흥국 (趙興國), The 1592 Japanese Invasion of Korea and Diplomacies of Siam and China
Alexander K. Nefedkin, War and Peace in the Bering Strait (in the 18th and First Half of the 19th Centuries)
David Kim, Australian Female Volunteerism in Modern Korea (1889–1941): An Enlightenment Campaign