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Turkic Languages 16 (2012) 1+2
volume: 16 (2012) 1+2
parts: 2 issues
language: english, german
weight: 700g
publishing date: 01.01.2012
prices: 89,00 Eur[D]
ISBN: 978-3-447-09775-8
89,00 Eur

The journal Turkic Languages is devoted to linguistic Turcology. It addresses descriptive, comparative, synchronic, diachronic, theoretical and methodological problems of the study of Turkic languages including questions of genetic, typological and areal relations, linguistic variation and language acquisition. The journal aims at presenting work of current interest on a variety of subjects and thus welcomes contributions on all aspects of Turkic language studies. It contains articles, review articles, reviews, discussions, reports, and surveys of publications.

From the contents:
László Károly, History of the intervocalic velars in the Turkic languages
Henryk Jankowski, Kazakh in contact with Russian in modern Kazakhstan
Talant Mawkanuli and Virginia Martin, Nineteenth century Kazak correspondence with Russian authorities: Morphemic analysis and historical contextualization
Aminem Memtimin and Irina Nevskaya, Depictive secondary predicates in Modern Uyghur
Omer Dawut, A study on English loanwords in Uyghur
Peter B. Golden, Oq and Oğur ̴ Oğuz