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Gratia. Tübinger Schriften zur Vormoderne, Renaissanceforschung und Kulturwissenschaft
Edited by Joachim Knape, Annette Gerok-Reiter, Reinhold F. Glei and Ulrich Pfisterer
Founded by Dieter Wuttke
The series Gratia, as defined by Aby M. Warburg, is oriented towards cultural science, including certain perspectives such as, constitutively, a historical perspective in general and a view on the epoch of the Renaissance as a transitional phase and as starting point into modern age in particular. It also includes interdisciplinary research, setting its sight from the viewpoint of a certain area on other areas of cultural development. The series especially takes into consideration arts and literatures, intellectual history and history of science as well as rhetorics, the latter standing for the area of communication.
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49,00 Eur
Heinzmann, Julia M 
Form, Gehalt, Funktion und sozialhistorischer Ort

68,00 Eur
Stieglecker, Roland 
Sebastian Brant und Onuphrius eremita

34,80 Eur
Hofmann, Anja 
"Lavabo hortum meum" - "Ich werde meinen Garten begiessen"

34,00 Eur
Rampley, Matthew 
On Aby M. Warburg and Walter Benjamin

28,00 Eur
Theile, Wolfgang (Ed.) 
Geschichte - Theorie - Praxis

74,00 Eur
Mertens, Veronika 
Studien zu einem Bildmotiv in der Kunst der Neuzeit

22,00 Eur
Schmidt, Peter / Wuttke, Dieter 
Mit einem Anhang unbekannter Quellen zur Geschichte der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Ikonographische Studien

33,00 Eur
Fracastoro, Girolamo 

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