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Qaṭna-Studien. Supplementa
Edited by Peter Pfälzner
The supplements to the series Qaṭna Studien complement the final publications of the German-Syrian excavations in Tall Mišrife/Qaṭna by publishing further research articles dealing with Qaṭna. The series also offers a forum for publications resulting from international congresses, embedding the findings from Qaṭna into regional and transregional comparisons. In these supplements, there is also room for monographs that deal with material from the royal palace in Qaṭna but furthermore mainly treat material from other sites.
148,00 Eur
Lange-Weber, Sarah 
Eine Untersuchung zur Bedeutung, Symbolik und Tradition eines altorientalischen Konzepts in philologischer, archäologischer und religionsgeschichtlicher Perspektive am Beispiel von Mari, Qaṭna und Ugarit

92,00 Eur
Pfälzner, Peter / Niehr, Herbert / Pernicka, Ernst / Lange, Sarah / Köster, Tina (Ed.) 
Proceedings of a Workshop at the London 7th ICAANE in April 2010 and an International Symposium in Tübingen in November 2010,both Organised by the Tübingen Post-Graduate School “Symbols of the Dead”

170,00 Eur
Pfälzner, Peter / Al-Maqdissi, Michel (Ed.) 
Proceedings of an International Conference in Stuttgart and Tübingen in October 2009

92,00 Eur
Pfälzner, Peter / Niehr, Herbert / Pernicka, Ernst / Wissing, Anne (Ed.) 
Proceedings of the First International Symposium of the Tübingen Post-Graduate School “Symbols of the Dead” in May 2009