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Slavistische Studienbücher. Neue Folge
Edited by Helmut Jachnow and Mirja Lecke
The series Slavistische Studienbücher N. F., published since 1985, covers the fields of language theory, language history, concrete language description, literary theory, history of literature, and cultural studies, predominantly in relation to Slavonic and Balkan studies as well as overlapping areas of these subjects and textual documentations. The target groups of this series are scholars and students active in the respective disciplines. At the same time the publications serve to transfer knowledge towards a broader spectrum of people interested in language, literature and culture in Eastern and South East Europe.
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36,00 Eur
Müller, Daniel / Wingender, Monika (Ed.) 
Theoretische, methodische und empirische Zugänge

39,80 Eur
Himstedt-Vaid, Petra / Hinrichs, Uwe / Kahl, Thede (Ed.) 

98,00 Eur
Himstedt-Vaid, Petra / Hinrichs, Uwe / Kahl, Thede (Ed.) 

68,00 Eur
Anstatt, Tanja / Norman, Boris (Ed.) 
Unter Mitarbeit von Hanna Robilka

58,00 Eur

118,00 Eur
Hinrichs, Uwe (Ed.) 
unter Mitarbeit von Petra Himstedt-Vaid
56,00 Eur
Saric, Ljiljana 
A Cognitive Linguistic Study of Prepositions and Cases
68,00 Eur
Krause, Marion 
Zur Interaktion lexikalischer und prosodischer Marker: Dargestellt am Beispiel des Russischen und des Bosnisch-Kroatisch-Serbischen
49,80 Eur
Tornow, Siegfried 
Von der Spätantike bis zum Nationalstaat

59,00 Eur
Kempgen, Sebastian