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Studien zu den Bogazköy-Texten
Edited on behalf of the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz by Elisabeth Rieken and Daniel Schwemer
Since 1965, the Studien zu den Boğazköy-Texten, founded by Heinrich Otten, have been an internationally renowned forum for the publication of philological, cultural-historical, and linguistic studies on Hittite Anatolia. The series, which demands highest scholarly standards, has a particular focus on the publication of commented editions of cuneiform and hieroglyphic texts from the Hittite world, also outside the eponymous Hittite capital Boğazköy (Hattuša). The series publishes studies in German, English or French. Collected volumes will be accepted only exceptionally. Manuscripts are refereed.
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48,00 Eur
Rüster, Christel / Neu, Erich 
Materialien zum Hethitischen Zeichenlexikon II

72,00 Eur
Hout, Theo van den 
Eine prosopographische Untersuchung

20,00 Eur
Rüster, Christel / Neu, Erich 
Materialien zum Hethitischen Zeichenlexikon I

98,00 Eur
Neu, Erich 
Untersuchungen zu einem hurritisch-hethitischen Textensemble aus Hattuša

78,00 Eur

64,00 Eur
Beckmann, Gary M 
Second reviesed Edition

49,00 Eur
Singer, Itamar 
27 / Part 2
Part Two

44,00 Eur
Singer, Itamar 
27 / Part 1
Part 1

98,00 Eur

68,00 Eur

28,00 Eur
Oettinger, Norbert 

29,90 Eur
Carruba, Onofrio 
Texte, Grammatik, Lexikon

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