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Beiträge zu Literatur und Medien der Gegenwart
Edited by Monika Wolting, Paula Wojcik and Oliver Ruf

The series presents concise analyses of literature and new media in a global context of the German-speaking present. In the modernisation and globalisation processes of the 21st century, literature as well as media are gaining a new international, transcultural and transfictional character.
The aim of the series is to document the dynamics to which contemporary literature is subject. These include the media opening up to new literary forms , the interaction of literature with other media (from computer games to social media) as well as a literary work canon that is becoming increasingly unstable in a post-colonial context. New fields of cultural and literary activity of authors are to be opened up, new (historical) phases, aesthetic models and forms of intermediality of literature are to be examined using the example of literary texts, authors and groups of authors of the contemporary literary world. In addition to the modified conditions of production and reception, the series also focuses on how literature and media narrate the present and how authors take a position in society. The special interests of the series include understanding the tension between tradition and modernisation and the accompanying dynamics of the medialisation of social, cultural, economic and political worlds, as well as analysing the processes of Europeanisation and globalisation in cultural texts.
The series is particularly addressing researchers and students of literary studies as well as humanities disciplines and special fields in cultural studies, art studies, social sciences and media studies. It stimulates and supports scholarly debate on the current developments and transformations of literature, its subjects, materials and, not least, the concept of literature in interaction with the media.
78,00 Eur
Pytel-Bartnik, Ewa / Kardach, Magdalena (Ed.) 
Mauerfall und deutsche Einheit in Literatur, Kultur und Politik. Versuch einer Bilanz