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Orientalia Biblica et Christiana
Edited by Alessandro Bausi, Eckart Otto und Siegbert Uhlig
The series Orientalia Biblica et Christiana was launched by Eckart Otto and Siegbert Uhlig in 1991 and is dedicated to the topics of Biblical and Christian Orient conceived as a whole, with a marked multidisciplinary dimension and a well profiled monographic character. In 2009 Alessandro Bausi became a third co-editor of the series. So far 21 volumes have appeared, with contributions from theology and liturgy, art and legal to social history, to philologies and East-West relationships, including all Biblical and Christian cultures and literatures of Near East, from Armenia to Ethiopia, from pre-Biblical times until modernity
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78,00 Eur
Greisiger, Lutz 
Politische Apokalyptik unter Juden und Christen des Nahen Ostens am Vorabend der arabischen Eroberung

86,00 Eur
Fuchs, Gisela 
Eine motiv- und traditionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung

78,00 Eur
Sallaberger, Walther / Volk, Konrad / Zgoll, Annette (Ed.) 
Festschrift für Claus Wilcke

68,00 Eur

78,00 Eur
Otto, Eckart 
Studien zur Sozial- und Rechtsgeschichte des Alten Orients und des Alten Testaments

64,00 Eur
Heldman, Marilyn E 
A Study in Fifteeth-Century Ethiopian Art, Patronage, and Spirituality