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Hethitologie Portal Mainz - Materialien
Edited by Elisabeth Rieken and Daniel Schwemer
This series offers information on fragments of clay tablets from Bogazköy, Masat and Kusakli. Texts from other sites relevant for Hittite research are also considered, e.g. from Meskene, Ras Shamra and El Amarna. While most texts are in the Hittite language, there also others in the Akkadian, Hurrian, Luwian and Palaic languages. Each clay tablet and each text fragment, respectively, is provided with details on dating, content, and site.
Prof. Dr. Daniel Schwemer daniel.schwemer@uni-wuerzburg.de
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Rieken rieken@staff.uni-marburg.de

52,00 Eur
Boysan-Dietrich, Nilüfer / Marazzi, Massimiliano / Mora, Clelia / Nowicki, Helmut 
Band I: Vorarbeiten
68,00 Eur
Kosak, Silvin / Müller, Gerfrid G 
Teil 5
Indizes der Konkordanz

68,00 Eur
Kosak, Silvin 
Teil 4
Die Textfunde der Grabungen in Bogazköy 1964-2004 und Texte anderer Provenienz

68,00 Eur
Kosak, Silvin 
Teil 3
Die Textfunde der Grabungen in Bogazköy 1952-1963

68,00 Eur
Kosak, Silvin 
Teil 2
Die Textfunde der Grabungen in Bogazköy 1931-1939

68,00 Eur
Kosak, Silvin 
Teil 1
Die Textfunde der Grabungen in Bogazköy 1906-1912