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Aethiopica. Supplements
Edited by Alessandro Bausi
Supplements to Aethiopica is a peer-reviewed monographic series launched in 2013 by its present editor Alessandro Bausi, as a supplement to the international journal Aethiopica. The series intends to offer the state of the art of current research in the domains of Ethiopian studies traditionally covered by the journal. It intends to host medium-sized monographic contributions that exceed the size of a journal article, field-research surveys, and proceedings of workshops and conferences. It has a special yet not exclusive focus on themes and subjects approached within cooperative research projects.
With several volumes already published, most of them richly illustrated, and several more in preparation, the profile of the series further strengthens the range of publications in Ethiopian studies of Harrassowitz publishing house.
Prof. Dr. Alessandro Bausi
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38,00 Eur
Weninger, Stefan / Heide, Martin (Ed.) 
Prolegomena to a Critical Edition of the Jeremiah Cycle

38,00 Eur
Nosnitsin, Denis / Reule, Dorothea 
A Catalogue

38,00 Eur
Haile, Getatchew (Ed.) 
Edited and translated by Getatchew Haile

58,00 Eur
56,00 Eur
Meckelburg, Alexander / Dege-Müller, Sophia / Bustorf, Dirk (Ed.) 
Edited by Alexander Meckelburg, Sophia Dege-Müller, and Dirk Bustorf
58,00 Eur
Bausi, Alessandro / Gori, Alessandro / Nosnitsin, Denis (Ed.) 
Proceedings of the International Conference Manuscripts and Texts, Languages and Contexts: the Transmission of Knowledge in the Horn of Africa. Hamburg, 17–19 July 2014
36,00 Eur
Nosnitsin, Denis 
Proceedings of the International Workshop Saints in Christian Ethiopia: Literary Sources and Veneration, Hamburg, April 28–29, 2012. Edited by Denis Nosnitsin

36,00 Eur
Nosnitsin, Denis (Ed.) 
Proceedings of the International Workshop, Ecclesiastic Landscape of North Ethiopia: History, Change and Cultural Heritage Hamburg, July 15–16, 2011

59,00 Eur
Nosnitsin, Denis 
A Survey of Manuscript Collections