Central Asiatic Journal
International Periodical for the Languages, Literature, History and Archaeology of Central Asia
[58 (2015) 1+2]
volume: 58 (2015) 1+2
pages/dimensions: XVI, 238 pages - 3 ill., 2 tables
language: english, german
binding: Paperback
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publishing date: semi-annual
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ISBN: 978-3-447-09930
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The Central Asiatic Journal is devoted to the languages, literature, history and archaeology of Central Asia. The definition Central Asia is considered within its broadest limits, including also East Asian cultures (Mongolia, Manchuria, Tibet) on the basis of their relations with the Central Asian region.

This volume focusing on Tangut culture and language is based on the 15 papers presented at a colloquium held at SOAS, University of London, in April 2013. The contributors belong to the world’s leading Tangut specialists, and volume 57 of the Central Asiatic Journal thus represents the state of the art in Tangut studies.

From the contents (altogether 17 articles):

Wolfgang Scharlipp, Die türkischen Wörter für „Gott“ und „Himmel“ im manjurischen Fünfsprachenspiegel

Pär Cassel, „Spelling like a State“: Some Thoughts on the Manchu Origins of the Wade-Giles System

Pamela Kyle Crossley, Questions about Ni- and Nikan

Lars Peter Laamann, Christianity, Magic and Politics in Qing and Republican China

Giovanni Stary, From “Clan-Rule” to “Khan-Rule”: Some Considerations about the Relations between Nurhaci and Šurhaci

Martin Gimm, Secret Manchu Documents on the Trial of the German Jesuit Missionary Adam Schall (1592-1666)

Hartmut Walravens, Christian Literature in Manchu