The East Asian "Mediterranean": Maritime Crossroads of Culture, Commerce and Human Migration
Schottenhammer, Angela (Ed.)
series: East Asian Economic and Socio-cultural Studies - East Asian Maritime History Maritime Asia
volume: 6
pages/dimensions: 424 pages - 24 × 17 cm
binding: Hardcover
weight: 0
publishing date: 1. Auflage 3.2009
price info: 71,00 Eur[D] / 121,00 CHF
ISBN: 978-3-447-05809-4
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   71,00 Eur
The present volume is a collection of papers originally presented for the concluding conference of the research project The East Asian 'Mediterranean' entitled "The East Asian 'Mediterranean' - Maritime Crossroads of Culture, Commerce and Human Migration" and held at Munich University from November 2-3, 2007. The papers in this volume have been arranged according to thematical sections, that is "Mediterranean Seas - from East Asia to East Africa", "Merchants and merchant networks", "Commodities and transport", and finally "Trade parameters and perceptions" - each section covering a different aspect of trade, diplomacy and perceptions across and within the East Asian and Asian waters. In order to show the variety and the different qualities of interaction and exchange relations we have selected case studies with a main focus lying on Sino-Japanese, Sino-Ryukyuan, and Japanese-Korean relations as well as the involvement of Muslim merchants in the Asian waters. The volume in particular tries to draw the readers' attention to the necessity and the advantages of international cooperation and interaction investigating topics of Asian history.