Death at Court
Herausgegeben von Spieß, Karl-Heinz / Warntjes, Immo
pages/dimensions: X, 349 pages, 16 ill., 2 diagrams
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weight: 850
publishing date: 1. Auflage 11.2012
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ISBN: 978-3-447-06760-7
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Death plays a significant role in any society. In fact, it often serves as a prime indicator of numerous cultural phenomena such as religious devotion and perceptions of the afterlife, commemorative strategies, community sense, family bonds, social hierarchies, and many others. This was even more so at medieval courts, where representation and symbolism were an integral part of everyday life. A comparison of approaches to death therefore sheds bright light on the difference of the underlying (courtly) societies. For this purpose, the present volume assembles twelve articles by scholars of English, French, German, Burgundian, Portuguese, Byzantine, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese court culture on various aspects of Death at court, ranging from narrative strategies to genres of texts, staging of funerals, dynastic considerations and succession, death of favourites, separate burial, the women's role, and deifications.