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al-Rahim, Ahmed H.
The Creation of Philosophical Tradition
Biography and the Reception of Avicenna’s Philosophy from the Eleventh to the Fourteenth Century A.D.
volume: 21
pages/dimensions: IX, 250 pages
language: English
binding: Hardback (Paperback)
dimensions: 17.00 × 24.00 cm
edition: 1. Auflage
publishing date: 24.10.2018
prices: 42,00 Eur[D] / 43,20 Eur[A]
ISBN: 978-3-447-10333-6
42,00 Eur

How is a philosophical tradition created? What role does literary biography play in the formation of intellectual reception history? Through a detailed analysis of the lives and works of post-Avicenna (d. 1037) philosophers, Ahmed H. al-Rahim traces the history and development of the Avicennan tradition from the eleventh to the fourteenth century A.D.
Section 1 of the book investigates the genres of Arabo-Islamic biobibliographical and prosopographical writings as a source for the history of Arabic philosophy, delineating their literary tropes, the construction of philosophical authority, and the relationship of Sunnī and Šīʿī Islam to logic and philosophy. Section 2 presents fourteen biobibliographical studies with a critical inventory of the works of Avicenna’s disciples and the philosophers who created the Avicennan philosophical heritage in the Islamicate world. As a work of intellectual archaeology, presenting hitherto unexamined textual and manuscript evidence, this book demonstrates the intellectual vitality of postclassical Arabic philosophy as reflected in the exegetical genres of commentary, supercommentary, and gloss in the medieval madrasa tradition.