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Beiträge zur Indologie
Edited by Konrad Meisig
Originally founded by Ulrich Schneider as Freiburger Beiträge zur Indologie, they have been continued from vol. 28 on as Beiträge zur Indologie (BzI), edited by Konrad Meisig. The scope of the series is conceivably wide - from the ancient world to present times, from Sri Lanka to China. Among others, the following areas are represented: religious history of early Hīnayāna Buddhism, of Mahāyāna Buddhism and of Tocharian Buddhism, of epic-Sanskrit Purāṇa literature, of Mahābhārata, theology of Viṣṇuism, classic Sanskrit and modern realistic Hindi and Singhalese literature as well as ethnology and linguistics of the Hindu Kush.
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128,00 Eur
Meisig, Konrad 
Singhalesisch ‒ Deutsch mit Kommentar und einer Sanskrit-Chāyā
68,00 Eur
Bock-Raming, Andreas 
Neuedition und annotierte Übersetzung des Sanskrit-Textes
52,00 Eur
de Chiara, Matteo 
52,00 Eur
de Chiara, Matteo 

68,00 Eur
Buddruss, Georg / Degener, Almuth 
Radio Features in the Shina Language of Gilgit by Mohammad Amin Zia. Text, interlinear Analysis and English Translation with a Glossary

38,00 Eur
Kossler, Matthias (Ed.) 

69,00 Eur
Degener, Almuth 
Sprichwörter und Materialien zum Volksglauben, gesammelt von Mohammad Amin Zia

74,00 Eur
Choong, Mun-keat 
A comparative study based on the Sutranga portion of the Pali Samyutta-Nikaya and the Chinese Samyuktagama

34,00 Eur
Weber-Brosamer, Bernhard / Back, Dieter M 
Nagarjunas Mulamadhyamaka-Karikas. Übersetzung des buddhistischen Basistextes mit kommentierenden Einführungen