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Bibliothek und Wissenschaft
Edited by Cornel Dora, Claudia Fabian, Monika Linder, Elmar Mittler, Wolfgang Schmitz, and Antje Theise
Libraries are important institutions in cultural memory. They convey printed and handwritten documents and media of all sorts, making them available for research as source material. Subject of research are the history and organization of libraries are as well as the inventory they preserve. The yearbook Bibliothek und Wissenschaft publishes studies of single texts, compilations and types of sources as well as contributions using an historical approach of culture and research to history and methods of library work and bibliography. Bibliothek und Wissenschaft is the interdisciplinary forum for the process of cultural transmission by means of libraries.
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Stephan Specht
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118,00 Eur
Fabian, Claudia (Ed.) 
55 (2022)
Tradition und Zukunft ihrer Erschließung in Bibliothek und Wissenschaft
118,00 Eur
Danielewski, Angelika (Ed.) 
53 (2020)
Indigene Handschriften aus Mittel- und Südamerika in Berlin und Krakau (16.–19. Jh.). Indigenous manuscripts from Middle and South America in Berlin and Krakow (16th to 19th c)
118,00 Eur
Neuheuser, Hanns Peter (Ed.) 
51 (2018)
99,00 Eur
Mittler, Elmar / Kaufmann, Thomas (Ed.) 
49 (2016)
Akteure und Strategien frühreformatorischer Druckerzeugnisse - Protagonists and Strategies of early Reformation Printing

99,00 Eur
Knoche, Michael (Ed.) 
48 (2015)
Erschließung, Rekonstruktion, Wissensordnung

99,00 Eur
Tremp, Ernst (Ed.) 
45 (2012)
Süddeutschland, Österreich, Schweiz.