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Interdisziplinäre Studien zum östlichen Europa
Edited by Thomas Daiber, Andrea Garwich, Peter Haslinger, Reinhard Ibler, Stefan Rohdewald and Monika Wingender
This series offers a wide forum for interdisciplinary investigations of topics relating to Eastern Europe. It reflects the research profile of the Giessen Center for Eastern European Studies (GiZo), founded in 2006. The Center’s work is characterized by methodological diversity and approaches in cultural studies related to the present, and treating Eastern Europe as a space of cultural communication and exchange.
This interdisciplinary book series includes analyses of Eastern Europe that offer both in-depth historical investigations as well as explorations of contemporary developments. The series’ regional profile covers East-Central, South-East and Eastern Europe, as well as the Turkic-speaking regions of the former Soviet Union. We welcome works that explore interdisciplinary themes relating to Eastern Europe in the fields of language, literature and historical studies as well as in political science. This series publishes works in various formats, including dissertations, other monographs and conference proceedings.
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78,00 Eur
Bednarczuk, Monika / Rutz, Marion (Ed.) 
Verflochtene Narrative und Identitäten

58,00 Eur
Müller, Daniel / Wingender, Monika (Ed.) 
Case Studies from Contemporary Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
64,00 Eur
Pankova, Ekaterina 
Debates on ethnolinguistic diversity from a critical-discursive perspective

68,00 Eur
Gawrich, Andrea / Haslinger, Peter / Wingender, Monika (Ed.) 
Case studies from Eastern Europe with a focus on Ukraine
64,00 Eur
Braun, Aksana 
Sprachsituation, Sprachenpolitik, Sprachendiskurs
38,00 Eur
Jašina-Schäfer, Alina / Wingender, Monika (Ed.) 
Abschlusskonferenz des gleichnamigen thematischen Netzwerks in Gießen (1. und 2. Dezember 2016)
58,00 Eur
Müller, Daniel / Wingender, Monika (Ed.) 
Contemporary Ukraine and Russia/Tatarstan
64,00 Eur
Blaszczyk, Arkadiusz / Rohdewald, Stefan (Ed.) 
Foodways in (Post-)Ottoman Europe
54,00 Eur
Bömelburg, Hans-Jürgen / Kirchner, Mark / Koller, Markus / Wingender, Monika (Ed.) 
Herausgegeben von Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg, Mark Kirchner, Markus Koller und Monika Wingender
56,00 Eur
Mujadžević, Dino 
Turkish Foreign Policy and Pro-Turkish Activism in Bosnia. Actors, Discourses and Textual Corpora (2002–2014)
64,00 Eur
Rakhimzhanova, Saltanat 
Terminologiepolitik und -planung im postsowjetischen Kasachisch
56,00 Eur
Haslinger, Peter / Wingender, Monika / Galiullin, Kamil / Gilyazov, Iskander (Ed.) 
Auftaktkonferenz des Thematischen Netzwerks „Kulturelle Kontakt- und Konfliktzonen im östlichen Europa“ in Kasan (19. und 20. Oktober 2013)
56,00 Eur
Kirchner, Mark / Wingender, Monika (Ed.) 
Sprachen und Identitäten in Tatarstan und Kasachstan