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108,00 Eur
Kaufhold, Hubert / Kropp, Manfred (Ed.) 
38,00 Eur
Weninger, Stefan / Heide, Martin (Ed.) 
Prolegomena to a Critical Edition of the Jeremiah Cycle
108,00 Eur
Kaufhold, Hubert / Kropp, Manfred (Ed.) 
La Spisa, Paolo 
Edizione critica e traduzione annotata. A cura di Paolo La Spisa. Presentazione di Alessandro Bausi
38,00 Eur
Nosnitsin, Denis / Reule, Dorothea 
A Catalogue
38,00 Eur
Haile, Getatchew (Ed.) 
Edited and translated by Getatchew Haile
Uhlig, Siegbert / Appleyard, David L. / Bausi, Alessandro / Hahn, Wolfgang / Kaplan, Steven (Ed.) 
Geschichte, Kultur, Herausforderungen
59,00 Eur
International Journal of Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies
Hock, Klaus (Ed.) 
Conflicting Discourses on New Forms of African Christianity
Bausi, Alessandro / Gori, Alessandro / Nosnitsin, Denis (Ed.) 
Proceedings of the International Conference Manuscripts and Texts, Languages and Contexts: the Transmission of Knowledge in the Horn of Africa. Hamburg, 17–19 July 2014
Eresso, Meron Zeleke 
A study of Sufi Shrine in North Eastern Ethiopia
Nosnitsin, Denis 
Proceedings of the International Workshop Saints in Christian Ethiopia: Literary Sources and Veneration, Hamburg, April 28–29, 2012. Edited by Denis Nosnitsin
36,00 Eur
Nosnitsin, Denis (Ed.) 
Proceedings of the International Workshop, Ecclesiastic Landscape of North Ethiopia: History, Change and Cultural Heritage Hamburg, July 15–16, 2011
Haile, Getatchew 
Acts of Abba Bärtälomewos and Abba Yohannǝs 45 Miracles of Mary
59,00 Eur
Nosnitsin, Denis 
A Survey of Manuscript Collections
Heide, Martin 
Edition und Übersetzung der arabischen und äthiopischen Versionen
Braukämper, Ulrich 
Translated from German by Geraldine Krause
Bustorf, Dirk 
Geschichte und Erinnerung der muslimischen Silt’e Äthiopiens With an English Summary
Haustein, Jörg 
The Historiography of Ethiopian Pentecostalism
138,00 Eur
Alehegne, Mersha 
Critical Edition and Translation
68,00 Eur
Kaufhold, Hubert (Ed.) 
108,00 Eur
Raunig, Walter / Wenig, Steffen (Ed.) 
Akten der Ersten Internationalen Littmann Konferenz 2. bis 5. Mai 2002 in München
78,00 Eur
Böll, Verena / Nosnitsin, Denis / Rave, Thomas / Smidt, Wolbert / Sokolinskaia, Evgenia (Ed.) 
In Honour of Siegbert Uhlig on Occasion of his 65th Birthday
98,00 Eur
Uhlig, Siegbert / Yiman, Baye / Crummey, Donald / Goldenberg, Gideon / Marrassini, Paolo / Aregay, Merid W / Wagner, Ewald (Ed.) 
A - C
64,00 Eur
Aspen, Harald 
Spirit Mediums and their Clients
149,00 Eur
Abraha, Tedros 
Testo e commentari della versione Etiopica
68,00 Eur
Zuurmond, Rochus 
Part III - The Gospel of Matthew
64,00 Eur
Heide, Martin 
Edition und Übersetzung der arabischen und äthiopischen Versionen