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Leipziger Altorientalistische Studien
Edited by Michael P. Streck
The series Leipziger Altorientalistische Studien publishes research studies of PhD students and staff members of the Institute of Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Leipzig University. Topics include Ancient Near Eastern studies and neighboring fields, especially the cuneiform cultures of Mesopotamia, Syria-Palestine, Asia Minor and Western Iran from 3500 BCE until the beginning of the Common Era. The series emcompasses monographs, Festschriften and conference proceedings.
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98,00 Eur
Wende, Janine 
89,00 Eur
Pohl, Antonia 
Grammatik, Stilistik, Editionen
89,00 Eur
Wasserman, Nathan / Zomer, Elyze 
Old Babylonian and Old Assyrian Incantations: Corpus – Context – Praxis
58,00 Eur
Perdibon, Anna 
Animistic Beliefs and Practices in ancient Mesopotamian Religion
39,00 Eur
Vacín, Luděk 
A Biographical Sketch of an Assyriological Altmeister's Development, Exile, and Personal Life. In collaboration with Jitka Sýkorová

98,00 Eur
de Ridder, Jacob Jan 

39,80 Eur
Streck, Michael P. / Wende, Janine 
Vol. 3: G, K, Q. With the collaboration of Bert Kouwenberg, Nadezda Rudik, Jonas Klöker and Frank Simons

29,80 Eur
Streck, Michael P. 
Vol. 2: D,T,Ṭ. With the collaboration of Janine Wende, Bert Kouwenberg, Nadezda Rudik, Johannes Hackl, Frank Simons and Elyze Zomer

29,80 Eur
Streck, Michael P. 
Vol. 1: B, P with the collaboration of Nadezda Rudik
98,00 Eur
Blaschke, Theresa 
58,00 Eur
Berlejung, Angelika / Schüle, Andreas / Maeir, Aren M. (Ed.) 
Textual and Archaeological Perspectives

59,00 Eur

98,00 Eur
Bonacossi, Daniele Morandi / Lanfranchi, Giovanni B. / Pappi, Cinzia / Ponchia, Simonetta (Ed.) 
Studies Presented to Frederick Mario Fales on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday