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Classica et Orientalia
The publication of the volumes of Classica et Orientalia is organized and monitored by three boards:
a) The Editorial Board:
Ann C. Gunter, Wouter F. M. Henkelman, Bruno Jacobs, Robert Rollinger, Kai Ruffing, Josef Wiesehöfer
b) The Scientific Board:
Ehud BenZvi, Pierfrancesco Callieri, Sabine Föllinger, Klaus Geus, Tim Greenwood, Johannes Haubold, Hartmut Leppin, Charlotte Lerouge-Cohen, Angelika Lohwasser, Michael Macdonald, Krzysztof Nawotka, Hans Neumann, Daniel Potts, Claudia Rapp, Rocio da Riva, Thomas Schneider, Rahim Shayegan, Christopher Tuplin
c) The Honorary Board:
Reinhold Bichler, Giovanni B. Lanfranchi

The series Classica et Orientalia publishes monographs as well as edited volumes following international standards of peer review. In recent years, methodological approaches to Greek and Latin written sources treating the history of the Ancient Near East, as well as their interpretation, have undergone a continuous and rapidly developing transformation. The volumes published in Classica et Orientalia take into account these important new perspectives, pursuing two elementary objectives. The first is to investigate how the Ancient Near East took shape in the writings of particular authors of the Classical tradition, comparing their perceptions with Ancient Near Eastern traditions. The second is to closer examine specific topics in order to observe how institutions, social conditions, and cultural phenomena of the Ancient Near East have been mirrored in Western historiography and culture up to the present. Collectively, the volumes published in the series thus also acquire features of a reception history.
68,00 Eur
Payne, Richard E. / King, Rhyne (Ed.) 
Rule and Resistance in the Hindu Kush, circa 600 BCE–600 CE
98,00 Eur
Rollinger, Robert / Ruffing, Kai / Thomas, Louisa Désirée (Ed.) 
Rezeption – Aneignung – Verargumentierung
98,00 Eur
Jacobs, Bruno (Ed.) 
Proceedings of a Conference Held at Marburg in Honour of Christopher J. Tuplin, December 1–2, 2017
58,00 Eur
Nawotka, Krzysztof / Rollinger, Robert / Wiesehöfer, Josef / Wojciechowska, Agnieszka (Ed.) 
74,00 Eur
Müller, Sabine / Howe, Timothy / Bowden, Hugh / Rollinger, Robert (Ed.) 
New Perspectives. With the collaboration of Sarina Pal
89,00 Eur
Balatti, Silvia 
The Case of the Zagros in the First Millennium BCE
128,00 Eur
Jacobs, Bruno / Henkelman, Wouter F. M. / Stolper, Matthew W. (Ed.) 
Akten des 6. Internationalen Kolloquiums zum Thema »Vorderasien im Spannungsfeld klassischer und altorientalischer Überlieferungen« aus Anlass der 80-Jahr-Feier der Entdeckung des Festungsarchivs von Persepolis Landgut Castelen bei Basel, 14.–17. Mai 2013
58,00 Eur
Wiesehöfer, Josef / Brinkhaus, Horst / Bichler, Reinhold (Ed.) 
48,00 Eur
Fink, Sebastian / Rollinger, Robert / Eisterer, Klaus / Rupnow, Dirk 
Ein Forscherleben zwischen Orient und Okzident
78,00 Eur
Plischke, Sonja 
Die seleukidische Herrschaftspolitik in den östlichen Satrapien

38,00 Eur
Rollinger, Robert 
Die Flussüberquerungen im Lichte altorientalischer Pioniertechniken (Schwimmschläuche, Keleks und Pontonbrücken)

58,00 Eur
Dunsch, Boris / Ruffing, Kai (Ed.) 

58,00 Eur
Haubold, Johannes / Lanfranchi, Giovanni B. / Rollinger, Robert / Steele, John (Ed.) 
Proceedings of the 4th International Colloquium on "The Ancient Near East between Classical and Ancient Oriental Traditions", Hatfield College, Durham 7th–9th July 2010

58,00 Eur
Madreiter, Irene 
Formen der Auseinandersetzung mit dem Achaimeniden-Reich in der griechischen Persika-Literatur
118,00 Eur
Rollinger, Robert / Truschnegg, Brigitte / Bichler, Reinhold (Ed.) 

88,00 Eur
Wiesehöfer, Josef / Rollinger, Robert / Lanfranchi, Giovanni B (Ed.) 
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