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Asiatische Forschungen
Edited by Thomas O. Höllmann
The series Asiatische Forschungen focuses on the exploration of China and its adjacent regions. Special attention is paid to the Tibetan Plateau and the steppes and deserts of Central Asia. The methodical approaches used are quite different: from archaeology to text analysis, from ethnology to religious studies, from linguistics to theory of literature, from aesthetics and art history to economics. Common to all volumes is an historical perspective, not least resting on critical appraisal of sources and comparative approaches. Languages of publication are generally English and German but this is not required. Manuscripts will be reviewed.
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89,00 Eur
Landa, Ishayahu 
A History of the Chinggisid Sons-in-law
78,00 Eur

98,00 Eur
Müller, Shing / Höllmann, Thomas O. / Filip, Sonja (Ed.) 
68,00 Eur
Yampolskaya, Natalia 
Eight Mongolian Translations of the Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā sūtra

58,00 Eur
Fiaschetti, Francesca / Schneider, Julia (Ed.) 

64,00 Eur
Ildiko, Beller-Hann / Zsombor, Rajkai (Ed.) 

82,00 Eur
Gimello, Roberto / Girard, Frédéric / Hamar, Imre (Ed.) 
Huayan, Kegon, Flower Ornament Buddhism. Origins and Adaptation of a Visual Culture
98,00 Eur
Selbitschka, Armin 
Archäologische und historische Untersuchungen zu Chinas Beziehungen zu Kulturen des Tarimbeckens vom zweiten bis frühen fünften Jahrhundert nach Christus

38,00 Eur
Wang-Riese, Xiaobing / Höllmann, Thomas O. (Ed.) 

98,00 Eur
Veit, Veronika (Ed.) 
Permanent International Altaistic Conference, 44th Meeting. Walberberg 26-31 August, 2001

74,00 Eur

78,00 Eur
Boikova, Elena V / Rybakov, Rostislav B (Ed.) 
Proceedings of the 48th Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Moscow 10-15 July, 2005

88,00 Eur
Boikova, Elena V / Stary, Giovanni (Ed.) 
Studies in Honour of Denis Sinor. On the Occasion of His 90th Birthday

98,00 Eur
Mehra, Parshotam 
A Brief Historical Conspectus of the Dalai Lama-Panchen Lama Standoff, ca. 1904-1989

49,00 Eur

98,00 Eur
Kollmar-Paulenz, K / Peter, C (Ed.) 
Festschrift für Klaus Sagaster zum 65. Geburtstag

92,00 Eur
Kieser, Annette 
Familienfriedhöfe des 3.-6. Jahrhunderts n. Chr. in Südchina

49,00 Eur
Krueger, John R / Service, Robert G (Ed.) 
Todo Biciq Texts, Transcription, Translation from the Moravian Archives at Herrnhut

54,00 Eur
Kollmar-Paulenz, Karénina 
Die Biographie des Altan qaghan der Tümed-Mongolen. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der religionspolitischen Beziehungen zwischen der Mongolei und Tibet im ausgehenden 16. Jahrhundert

78,00 Eur

58,00 Eur

84,00 Eur
Kiripolská, Marta 
A Mongolian Translation of "The Younger Brother Don Yod" (Introduction, Transcription with Notes and Facsimile of the Copenhagen Manuscript Mong. 101)

64,00 Eur
Gedalecia, David 
The Confucian Scholar Wu Ch'eng in Mongol China

39,00 Eur
Höllmann, Thomas O / Friedrich, Michael (Ed.) 
Religiöse Handschriften der Yao. Südchina, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar

85,00 Eur
Rachewiltz, Igor de / Chan, Hok-Lam / Hsiao, Ch'i-Ch'ing / Geier, PeterW / Wang, May (Ed.) 
121, Teil 2
Eminent Personalities of the Early Mongol-Yüan Period (1200-1300). Part 2

43,00 Eur
Rachewiltz, Igor de / Chan, Hok-Lam / Hsiao, Ch'i-Ch'ing / Geier, PeterW / Wang, May (Ed.) 
121, Teil 1
Eminent Personalities of the Early Mongol-Yüan Period (1200-1300). Part 1

128,00 Eur
121, Part 1+2
Eminent Personalities of the Early Mongol-Yüan Period (1200-1300)