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Aethiopica 18 (2015)
International Journal of Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies
Bandnummer: 18 (2015)
Umfang/Format: 310 pages, 17 ill., 2 maps, 1 table - 24 × 17 cm
Ausstattung: Paperback
Gewicht: 610g
Edition: annual
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2015
Preise: 49,00 Eur[D]
ISBN: 978-3-447-09896-0
49,00 Eur

The annual journal Aethiopica welcomes contributions on all aspects of linguistics, philology, archaeology, paleography, religion(s), traditional art and culture as well as ethnology (anthropology) related to the Horn of Africa. Articles, reviews, conference reports, and research bibliographies are published in German, English, French, and Italian.
From the Content:
Maged S. A. Mikhail, The Fast of the Apostles in the Early Church and in Later Syrian
and Coptic Practice
Youhanna Nessim Youssef, Two doxologies from the Psalmodia of Sammanûd
Tedros Abraha, Il canone biblico della Chiesa Ortodossa Täwaḥədo dell’Etiopia e dell’Eritrea
Daniel Assefa, The fallen angels in Ethiopic literature. Literal or symbolic interpretation
Amha Asfaw, Conversion between Geʿez and Modern Numerals
Sergey Kim, L’homélie géorgienne CPG 4235 et le cod. 277 de la « Bibliothèque de Photius »
James Harry Morris, The Case for Christian Missionary Activity in Japan prior to the 16th Century