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Archivum Ottomanicum 35 (2018)
Bandnummer: 35 (2018)
Umfang/Format: 290 pages, 1 ill., 2 tables
Sprache: English, French
Ausstattung: Paperback
Abmessungen: 160x240 mm
Gewicht: 529g
Erscheinungsdatum: 12.12.2018
Preise: 108,00 Eur[D]
ISBN: 978-3-447-18016-0
108,00 Eur

Archivum Ottomanicum concerns itself primarily with Ottoman history and Ottoman philology. However, the editors also welcome articles on subjects related to Ottoman studies in the history and culture of Europe, including Danubian Europe, the Black Sea area and the Caucasus, and in the history and culture of the Arab and the Iranian lands as well as Byzantium. The publication of historical documents and records and their interpretation are of special interest.

From the contents (altogether 12 contributions):
Gábor Kármán, Grand Dragoman Zülfikar Aga
Tetiana Grygorieva, Imagined diplomacy: Ottoman palace ceremonial translated and edited by Polish-Lithuanian ambassadors
Klára Jakó, Visiting protocol and ceremonies at the Porte: Dávid Rozsnyai’s seventeenth-century manual
Michał Wasiucionek, Hermeneutics of ceremonial lore: Glimpses of the idealized diplomatic protocol as revealed in the Polish-Lithuanian diplomatic accounts (1677–1763)
Helga Anetshofer, -(A)GAn in Old Anatolian Turkish and beyond
Theophilus C. Prousis, The ambassador’s right-hand man: Terrick Hamilton at the Porte
Nicolas Vatin, Sur les objectifs de la première campagne navale menée par Hayreddîn Barberousse pour le compte de Soliman le Magnifique (1534)