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Archivum Ottomanicum XIII 1993-1994
Herausgeber: Hazai, György
Bandnummer: 13 (1993/94)
Umfang/Format: 385 pages
Sprache: English
Ausstattung: Book (Paperback)
Abmessungen: 16.00 × 24.00 cm
Gewicht: 615g
Edition: 1. Print on Demand-Nachdruck
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1994
Preise: 89,00 Eur[D] / 91,50 Eur[A]
ISBN: 978-3-447-08879-4
89,00 Eur

Archivum Ottomanicum concerns itself primarily with Ottoman history and Ottoman philology. However, the editors also welcome articles on subjects related to Ottoman studies in the history and culture of Europe, including in particular Danubian Europe, the Black Sea area and the Caucasus, and in the history and culture of the Arab and the Iranian lands, and Byzantium. The publication of historical documents and records and their interpretation are of special interest.

From the Contents:

- Ö. Schütz: In Memoriam Tibor Halasi-Kun (Jan. 19, 1914 – Oct. 19, 1991)
- O. Pritsak: In Memory of Tibor Halasi-Kun: A Friend Par-Excellence
- D. Sinor: Tibor Halasi-Kun. A Personal Memoir
- J. S. Szyliowicz: A Personal Memoir
- G. Hazai: Bibliography of the Publications of Tibor Halasi-Kun
- G. Bayerle: The Kanun-Name of the Sanjak of Segedin of 1570
- A. J. E. Bodrogligeti: Muhammad Shaybani Khan’s Apology to the Muslim Clergy
- P. B. Golden: Georgio-Turcica: Some Marginal Notes on Pre-Ottoman/Safavid Oguz and Non-Oguz Turkic Elements in Georgian
- R. Murphey: Ottoman Historical Writing in the Seventeenth-Century: A Survey of the General Development of the Genre after the Reign of Sultan Ahmed I (1603-1617)
- S. J. Shaw: Turks and Jews
- L. Ziring: The Caucasus and Central Asia: Historic and Contemporary Linkages