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Arameans, Chaldeans, and Arabs in Babylonia and Palestine in the First Millennium B.C.
Herausgeber: Berlejung, Angelika / Streck, Michael P.
Bandnummer: 3
Umfang/Format: VIII, 336 Seiten, 34 ill., 10 tables
Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch
Ausstattung: Buch (Paperback)
Abmessungen: 17,00 × 24,00 cm
Gewicht: 830g
Edition: 1. Auflage
Erscheinungsdatum: 09.01.2013
Preise: 59,00 Eur[D] / 60,70 Eur[A]
ISBN: 978-3-447-06544-3
59,00 Eur

Arameans, Chaldeans, and Arabs in Babylonia and Palestine in the First Mill. B.C. edited by Angelika Berlejung and Michael P. Streck comprises the papers presented at an international workshop in the Villa Tillmanns/Leipzig on 24th and 25th of June 2010. The interdisciplinary event was part of the research projects on "Space and Mobility in Mesopotamia, Syria and Palestine in the Time of the Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian Period". Organized by the Universities of Leipzig and of Halle-Wittenberg among others, the projects are part of the Collaborative Research Center "Difference and Integration" (SFB 586).
The resulting volume has ist focus on the interaction between nomadic, mobile and settled cultures, and possible mechanisms of inculturation. The contributors examine the material finds and written sources in order to deepen our understanding of the history, geography, culture, and religion of the Aramean, Chaldean and Arabian tribes.