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Iranian Languages and Texts from Iran and Turan
Ronald E. Emmerick Memorial Volume
Herausgeber: Macuch, Maria / Maggi, Mauro / Sundermann, Werner
Bandnummer: 13
Umfang/Format: XLII, 490 Seiten
Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch
Ausstattung: Buch (Hardcover)
Abmessungen: 17,00 × 24,00 cm
Edition: 1. Auflage
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.04.2008
Preise: 98,00 Eur[D] / 100,80 Eur[A]
ISBN: 978-3-447-05670-0
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98,00 Eur

This Memorial Volume is dedicated to one of the most prolific
and renowned scholars in the field of Iranian Studies, the late
Professor Ronald E. Emmerick, who held the chair of Iranian
Studies in Hamburg until his untimely death in 2001. The volume consists of thirty-three papers, written by some of the foremost scholars in the field of Iranian Studies. The articles are essentially concerned with Old, New and especially Middle Iranian languages and texts, refl ecting the predominant scholarly interests of Ronald Emmerick, whose reasearches were also directed towards Indian and Tibetan Studies. Nine papers deal with the Khotanese and Tumshuquese language, one of Emmerick’s main fi elds of research. The volume is accompanied by an updated Bibliography and Indices of quotations and of words.