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Central Asiatic Journal 65 (2022) 1+2
Giovanni Stary (1946–2022): In Memory of a Eurasian Scholar
Herausgeber: Lars Peter Laamann
Bandnummer: 65 (2022) 1+2
Umfang/Format: XX, 300 pages, 32 ill., 16 tables, 9 diagrams, 2 maps
Sprache: english, german, chinese
Ausstattung: kartoniert
Abmessungen: 170x240 mm
Gewicht: 592g
Erscheinungsdatum: 27.01.2023
Preise: 138,00 Eur[D]
ISBN: 978-3-447-18147-1
138,00 Eur

The Central Asiatic Journal is devoted to the linguistic, cultural, and historical heritage of Central Asia. Most contributions relate to the geographical remit of the Central Asian core region, i.e. Mongolia, Turkestan/Xinjiang, Tibet, Siberia, and Manchuria. By extension, however, this definition can include a secondary sphere extending into all of western Asia, the Himalayas, China’s Han-majority provinces and the Pacific fringe region (Korea, Japan, and eastern Siberia). Articles are published in English, German, French, Russian, and Chinese. The Central Asiatic Journal is fully peer-reviewed.
The journal has started publishing contributions in thematic clusters, and focuses on Mongolia, its surrounding regions and the historical implications of Mongolian expansion , on the Tangut people and the Xi-Xia (His-Hsia) state , and on the contribution of the Manchus to China’s more recent history. Further issues are focused on the migration and nation-building in central and western Asia and discussing historical Central Asia.

From the contents (altogether 13 contributions):
Ishayahu LANDA, Stone Epigraphy in the Service of Chinggisid Imperial Culture: Geography, Patterns and Limits of Use
LIANG Yong, The Creation of the Manchu Script
Fatih ERBAY, The Eastern Turkic Translation of Kalila wa-Dimna
Erkan ATAK, Importance of the Tulip in Turkish Culture and as Art from Central Asia to Anatolia
Bair Z. NANZATOV & Vladimir V. TISHIN, Bunte Welt auf kleinem Karton. Deutsche Verleger und Händler auf dem Postkartenmarkt um 1900
KANG Wonmook, ‘Europeans’ in the Early Qing Empire