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Bar-Moshe, Assaf
The Jewish Arabic dialect of ˁĀna
Grammatical sketch and texts
Umfang/Format: XXIV, 372 pages, 22 tables
Sprache: English
Ausstattung: Book (Hardback)
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Erscheinungsdatum: 17.06.2024
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ISBN: 978-3-447-12215-3
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ˁĀna, a city situated in western Iraq near the Syrian border, was home to an ancient Jewish community. The Jewish community of ˁĀna spoke a dialect that bears witness to centuries of cultural evolution and linguistic diversity. The Jewish Arabic dialect of ˁĀna, which differs from both the local Muslim dialect of the city and the Jewish dialect of Baghdad, served as the community’s mother tongue for centuries until Iraqi Jews emigrated en masse to Israel after the state was founded. Today, with few remaining speakers, this unique dialect is on the brink of extinction. As a member of the Euphrates branch of the Mesopotamian qǝltu dialects, it was profoundly influenced by the Bedouin dialects prevalent in the Syro-Mesopotamian desert, resulting in a plethora of distinctive characteristics that are thoroughly examined in this monograph.
Divided into two main parts, the first section of this monograph offers a comprehensive analysis of the phonology, morphosyntax and lexicon of the dialect. The second section presents transcriptions and translations of original oral texts by native speakers, offering valuable insights into various aspects of the community’s life, including its history, traditions, cuisine, and folklore. These authentic narratives provide a firsthand glimpse into the linguistic and cultural heritage of ˁĀna’s Jewish community and are a vital resource for scholars and enthusiasts alike.