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Dijk, Johannes J van / Geller, Markham J
Ur III Incantations from the Frau Professor Hilprecht-Collection, Jena
Bandnummer: 6
Umfang/Format: X, 157 pages, 49 Tafeln
Sprache: English
Ausstattung: Book (Hardback)
Abmessungen: 21.00 × 30.00 cm
Gewicht: 750g
Erscheinungsdatum: 11.01.2003
Preise: 68,00 Eur[D] / 70,00 Eur[A]
ISBN: 978-3-447-04707-4
68,00 Eur

This volume contains all of the Sumerian incantations from the time of the Third Dynasty of Ur (ca. 2100–2000 B.C.) housed in the Hilprecht Collection of Near Eastern Antiquities, Jena, along with some related texts from other collections. The edition of this important and difficult corpus of texts, which predominantly stem from the ancient city of Nippur, is based on a manuscript by the famous assyriologist J.J. van Dijk, who died in 1996. Van Dijk’s posthumous manuscript was revised by Joachim Oelsner and enlarged significantly by Markham J. Geller.
For each cuneiform text the edition provides a transliteration, translation and philological commentary as well as hand copies and photographs. The vocabulary is fully documented in a comprehensive glossary.