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Contributions to the Archaeology of Egypt, Nubia and the Levant

ca. 128,00 Eur
Mourad, Anna-Latifa 
Transforming Egypt into the New Kingdom. The Impact of the Hyksos and Egyptian-Near Eastern Relations

128,00 Eur
Bietak, Manfred / Prell, Silvia (Hg.) 
ASOR Conference Boston 2017 - ICAANE Conference Munich 2018 – Collected Papers

98,00 Eur
Bietak, Manfred / Matthiae, Paolo / Prell, Silvia (Hg.) 
Proceedings of a workshop held at the 10th ICAANE in Vienna, 25–26 April 2016

ca. 118,00 Eur
Bumann, Ernest 
Processes of Acculturation of the Asiatic Population at Tell el-Dabʿa (Avaris) during the Late Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate Period