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Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik 71 (2020/1)
Bandnummer: Vol. 71 (2020/1)
Umfang/Format: 110 pages, 4 ill., 5 tables
Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch
Ausstattung: Paperback
Abmessungen: 17,00 × 24,00 cm
Gewicht: 205g
Erscheinungsdatum: 17.06.2020
Preise: 54,00 Eur[D]
ISBN: 978-3-447-18092-4
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54,00 Eur

The aim in founding the Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik was to establish a journal devoted exclusively to work in the field of Arabic linguistics, which before had been published in a variety of journals of Oriental studies or linguistics. The Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik is a forum in which the results of research can be brought to the attention of scholars and discussed, in which new data can be made available without delay and in which new scholarly works can be reviewed.
The editors intend the term Arabic linguistics to be understood in a very broad sense. It is taken to include all the historical stages and the regional and social variants of Arabic. The main emphasis will be placed on preclassical and classical Arabic including Arabic nation grammar, Modern Standard Arabic and the Arabic dialects. The old and modern South Arabian dialects will also be given due consideration.
As far as descriptive method is concerned, the Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik is not restricted to any one linguistic approach. Research of any kind into the Arabic language as defined above is accepted in this journal.

From the contents (altogether 6 contributions):
N. Basal, A New Passage in Arabic Script from Abū al-Faraǧ Hārūn's al-Kitāb al-Muštamil, on the mafʿūl bihi, Based on Ibn al-Sarrāǧ’s al-ʾUṣūl fī al-Naḥw
J. N. Druel, The Kitāb Sībawayh of ʾAbū al-Ḥasan ʾAḥmad b. Naṣr: A non-Sīrāfian recension of the Kitāb
O. Kayam, “Wa-kāna llāhu ʿalīman ḥakīmā” : kāna-sentences and Qurʾānic rhyme
C. Akin, O. Jastrow, S. Talay, Zwei Texte im anatolisch-arabischen Dialekt von Nōršēn (Sason-Muş-Gruppe)