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Makiłła, Dariusz
Constitutional Order in Post-Versailles Central and Eastern Europe 1919–1939/1941
Bandnummer: 44
Umfang/Format: X, 170 pages
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Erscheinungsdatum: 03.07.2024
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ISBN: 978-3-447-12210-8
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It is not without significance that the thematic setting of the contributions to Constitutional Order in Post-Versailles Central and Eastern Europe 1919–1939/1941 lies in the era of Versailles, which is associated with the establishment of a new international order in Europe after the First World War. The period saw profound changes in the political architecture of Europe, related to the departure of certain states and, in other cases, to their profound transformations, but also to the emergence of numerous states, some of which regained their statehood, and others were founded for the first time. The creation of constitutional orders was therefore a confirmation of these changes, an adaptation to the new era, the establishing of what was a necessary prerequisite for their existence in the new age. In many cases implementation took different forms. In view of the current debate on the role and significance of constitutional orders, it is important, both cognitively and reflectively, to highlight the specificity of their development and significance. This problem becomes particularly important in connection with the political, systemic and constitutional practice of the European countries within the framework of the European order concept of the Versailles period.
The volume, edited by Dariusz Makiłła, is a collection of works addressing problems related to the formation of constitutional orders in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe during the interwar period. Its main objective is to present these processes in both a cross-sectional and detailed approach and to highlight their various aspects.