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Turkic Languages 18 (2014) 1+2
Bandnummer: 18 (2014) 1+2
Umfang/Format: 302 pages, 2 Hefte: 5 ill., 21 diagrams, 14 tables
Anzahl Bände: 2 issues
Sprache: english, german
Gewicht: 590g
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2014
Preise: 89,00 Eur[D]
ISBN: 978-3-447-09868-7
89,00 Eur

The journal Turkic Languages is devoted to linguistic Turcology. It addresses descriptive, comparative, synchronic, diachronic, theoretical and methodological problems of the study of Turkic languages including questions of genetic, typological and areal relations, linguistic variation and language acquisition. The journal aims at presenting work of current interest on a variety of subjects and thus welcomes contributions on all aspects of Turkic language studies. It contains articles, review articles, reviews, discussions, reports, and surveys of publications.

From the contents:
Lars Johanson, A synopsis of Turkic volitional moods
László Károly, Deverbal nominals in Altaic: In search of a framework (not only) for reconstruction
Wolfgang Scharlipp, Einige türkische Wörter zu ‘Bildung’ und ‘Glauben’ im manjurischen Fünfsprachenspiegel
Matthias Kappler, An unedited sketch of Turkish grammar (1711) by the Venetian giovane di lingua Pietr’Antonio Rizzi
Zsuzsanna Olach, Translational methods used for rendering special characteristics of Hebrew interrogatives in Karaim Bible translations